My dream: World War 3 -Will China attack the West?"

I have seen China attacking us in a dream, now 2 times, they bomb the schools first! Protect our industries now, we cant live on The Tertiarian Revolution in WW3! (China is in an industrial revolution, being the World's factory!...and they have a population of about 1,3 billion citizens, compared to about 323 million US Americans). China could have an army the size of the entire US population!....or perhaps even double the size!

The Tertiarian Revolution

Its the revolution of the West.

Infrastructure like roads and freeways with services in transportation is vital, take Amazon e.g.

Infrastructure like 5G+ is also important (Nokia and Ericsson vs. Huawei).

Its about monetizing the www. Its about Economies of sc@le and IT products.

Its about Trade-policies and cross-border trading platforms e.g. Alibaba.

Question: how does one penetrate the book-market of China, PaperBacks and/or E-books?

Can cheap Chineese paperbacks flood the EU and the US?

A cheap Chineese Amazon? Or can the West respond with E-Books/Tablets and Economies of Sc@le?

Who wins? First-Mover? Neurology videos Religion videos Music videos

< by Mikkel Roland Egesberg:

(Dude you just got fired! Remember to study your own how to get hired interview site!)

HMM, I'm quite sure ghosts are real!!

I think a ghost just took over my body! Can't remember though! "Hjaelp mig dog, saa hjaelp mig dog"

Look for the blue eyes, before a samarite or something ruins them...

Cool site....if you wonna work for Google...

(Well, Youtube is owned by Google, right?)

My guess by Mikkel Roland Egesberg: 1=0, 2=0, 3=(-1/3), 4=4, 9=9"

(remove the 0s and you then have a 2*2 kvadratic Matrix both=8 and

with my excel solution that equals

X1=1,666666667 and X2=0,333333333, meaning:

3*1,666666667 + 9*0,333333333=8 and

4*1,666666667 + 4*0,333333333=8

Americans fleeing USA, USA is going down!: