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US Nonfarm business sector labor productivity decreased 5.0 percent in the third quarter of 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, as output increased 1.7 percent and hours worked increased 7.0 percent.
The annual US inflation rate:
source: tradingeconomics.com

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    Can anyone compete vs. BusinessDaily.eu?:

    About ME: My name is "Mikkel Roland Egesberg" or just short "Mikkel Roland E"

    I am 39 years old and live in "Koldby", Nothern Jutland (THY), Denmark, EU.

    I like Economics, Business, IT, Media and the USA...home of true capitalism!

    I have studied at "Thisted Gymnasium" (High School), "University of Aarhus" (AU), "Copenhagen Business School" (CBS), "POLIT (Completed 1st year+) - University of Copenhagen" (KU), "Niels Brock" and "BSS" (University of Aarhus, School of "Business and Social Sciences).

    I believe that there will hyperinflation in the US, and that pretty much all interest rates will rise because of it!

    In economics/business if one has to look at the interest rate, its the nominel one (the official one) has took look at, but this depends on the requirement of the banks (Real interest rate) + inflation (for compensation for rising prices in the economy) in short the official interest rate (Nominel) is equal to ("Nominel rate = Real rate + inflation rate") It's called "The Fisher Equation". So when inflation goes up, so too does the interest rate, here is why: e.g. the banks want 3% return on their money for lending, so if inflation is 6,2% like in the USA right now, the fisher equation states that the nominel rate will be: "3% + 6,2% = 9,2%" ceteris paribus!

    The above charts shows the Money supply (M3) and the US inflation rate... M*V=P*Y (The charts show the increase in the M3 Money supply, and the price increase hereof in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). We can see that the US M3 money supply is skyrocketing, and that the annual inflation rate in the US surged to 6.2% in October of 2021)

    The Europeans, they think they can compete vs. BusinessDaily.eu:

So females want 50%/50% seats on boardrooms: 1 Nation, 10 economists, 2 female, 8 males: 1 company: 4 board rooms members. Female politicians want --> 50%/50%. --> 2 female board members, and 2 males --> 2 out of 2 females are board members then, but only 2 out of 8 males are board members then --> 100% of females are board members then, but 25% of males are board members then in that Nation!


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Et opslag delt af Mikkel Roland Egesberg (@mikkelrolandegesberg)

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Et opslag delt af Mikkel Roland Egesberg (@mikkelegesberg)

Vis dette opslag på Instagram

Et opslag delt af Mikkel Roland Egesberg (@mikkelegesberg)

Vis dette opslag på Instagram

Et opslag delt af Mikkel Roland Egesberg (@mikkelegesberg)

Vis dette opslag på Instagram

Et opslag delt af Mikkel Roland Egesberg (@mikkelegesberg)


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Watched until 1:38

Tesla is going down, they earned/got/harvested a lot of money though, from stupid investors paying extreme amounts of money for new shares, doing so about 8 times to get more equity, if I heard correctly...

TESLA might have earned more from issuing new stocks at extreme prices, than making money selling cars!

LOL, stupid spindoctor host: "because of unrealized stock/tax(?) gains" or something like that...the guy in the lower right corner nailed it though!

Listened to the first 23:00 minutes: